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Précigraph, Citizenship - 100% Made In Mauritius

Précigraph, Citizenship - Made In Maurice

100% Made In Mauritius

Précigraph is proud to have actively contributed to the setting up of the Made in Moris label, flying the flag for Mauritian manufacture and showcasing skills, competencies and local expertise. In 2013, Vincent de Labauve D’Arifat, General Manager of Précigraph and then chairman of AMM (Association of Mauritian Manufacturers) was very much involved in the setting up of this entity that acts as a mirror of Mauritian expertise. This label allows for a marked differentiation from imported products. It allows its member companies to be recognised as being part of a network of credible manufacturers who are committed to the constant improvement of product quality while at the same time contributing to the national drive towards job creation and job security.



We value our role of safeguarding the Mauritian heritage and its promotion by printing beautiful masterpieces (art books, luxury publications, comic books, post cards and the unique Made in Moris diary). It is our intention to embrace and make this cultural legacy resonate. Our luxury publications stand out through their elegance and our fine packaging, which reflects your image, allows for a genuine differentiation.

Because we believe in the transmission and valorisation of local skills and know-how, Précigraph supports young creatives with our network of freelancers and experienced artists who come to support our creative studio. We encourage the emergence of new talent by sponsoring young artists.

Précigraph boasts the role of ambassador of Mauritius for beauty, creativity and elegance, in all sectors of publishing and printing.

Spotlight on


Précigraph opened the doors of its premises to the artist Axel Ruhomaully as part of the Moris Dime project. A unique artistic experience, as part of the 50th Anniversary of Independence of Mauritius, bringing together 50 local and international artists celebrating the diversity of the know-how of our trades. During his visit to Précigraph for a project follow up, the artist Axel Ruhomaully, met for the first time the two presses which would pose in front of his lenses. The new Heidelberg XL75 Anicolor offset press and the Heidelberg cylinder press. Subjugated by these two machines, one reflecting all the modernity of the industry and the other all the beauty of its history, quite naturally the artist integrated them into his work. It took him between 6 to 7 hours, via a technique of multi-lighting with filters in backlight and low angle light to emphasize the different matters, thus transcribing the legacy and know-how of Précigraph.

Précigraph is happy to have supported this wonderful project.

Précigraph, Citizenship -  The new Heidelberg XL75 Anicolor offset press and the Heidelberg cylinder press


Précigraph, Citizenship - We Love Our Island!

Our ecological responsibility is on par with our responsibility as citizens. Aware of the fragility of our insular state, Précigraph supports and participates in activities linked to environmental issues and sustainable development. We support our clients’ environmental initiatives and in so doing raise the business community’s trust in us while adhering to our ethics of eco-aware citizens.

Précigraph, Citizenship - recycling

We therefore make it our priority to minimise any production-related pollution and to engage in recycling so as to reduce our environmental impact. We are engaged in protecting our island through internal investments into ecological and responsible best practices:

  • Waste sorting
  • Raw material traceability (recycled or FSC paper) through utilisation of environmentally friendly products and resources, whenever possible
  • Optimisation of resource utilisation and waste reduction
  • Investment in new equipment with reduced water and electricity consumption
  • Building of a water treatment plant
  • Recycling of used oils, paper and printing plates
  • Awareness campaigns and training for employees